An image is experienced through its content as well as the medium that carries it. As an image maker, I am perpetually curious about perception. Many historical mediums transitioned from a necessity to obsolescence and in the current age, to novelty. Continuing parts of my life are becoming imprinted into various forms of data that can be retrieved on a digital screen. I study various analog processes to better understand the physicality of each medium, and to experience the slow conception of an image from the past. Experimentations with large format photography, digital photography and historical processing methods eventually led me into building cameras using found optics.

Ever since my mother’s sudden passing, making also became a refuge where I process grief. I began photographing my immediate surroundings during moments when familiar things feel strange again, when every mundane object becomes a memento mori. While these quiet moments are being captured drawing remains as both a studio practise and a meditative process. Using defective camera lenses I previously collected, I began building projectors, as vehicles for these drawings and photographs to be seen. As I revisit the past that happened, these fragmented moments are living again as vivid projections, while remaining as malleable echoes of the past.